About the Initiative

The digital media and learning initiative is exploring the hypothesis that digital media tools now enable new forms of knowledge production, social networking, communication, and play. Through the use of such tools, young people are engaged in an exploration of language, games, social interaction, and self-directed education that can be used to support learning.  They are different as a result of this use of digital media, and these differences are reflected in their sense of self, in how they express their independence and creativity, and in their ability to learn, exercise judgment, and think systemically.

The digital media and learning initiative acknowledges the emerging vernacular of young people who are “growing up digital” and embraces the writing, thinking, and design tools of the digital age.  It is seeking to answer questions such as: Are young people fundamentally different because of their exposure to technology?  What environments and experiences capture their interest and contribute to their learning?  What are the implications for education?  It includes ethnography, the development of media literacy, and the connection between games and learning.

Digital Learning Staff

Connie Yowell, Director of Education Grantmaking
cyowell at macfound.org

Connie Yowell 

VIDEO: Connie Yowell on digital media and learning. 

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